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About Hands On Moving

Hands On Moving is a Connecticut-based moving and storage company. This mover offers a wide variety of services to help make your move as seamless and stress-free as possible: local, long-distance, commercial moves, packing/unpacking services, specialty moves with custom crating (i.e., pianos), college moves, and more. Hands On Moving prides itself on having a professional team of movers who have all been trained extensively and are ready to work with you every step of the way!

Why Hire Hands On Moving

You should hire Hands On Moving for a long distance move if you value a moving team that is frequently praised for its efficiency, professionalism, and friendliness. Many customers appreciate their reasonable pricing and on-time service. However, it's important to note that some clients have experienced communication issues with the company's upper management and encountered additional expenses beyond initial quotes. While some clients faced challenges with damaged or lost items, others found the experience to be exceptional. To ensure a smooth experience, it's recommended to purchase additional insurance coverage and communicate your needs clearly to the moving crew.


Authorized for Interstate Moves
Last Checked: 12/02/22

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Information

Legal Business Name Hands On Moving LLC
DBA Company Name Hands On Moving And Storage
USDOT 2951329 Verify
MC MC-999330 Verify
Registered Trucks/Vans 5
Registered Drivers 10
Total Annual Miles Moved 1 (2021)
Fabulous! based on 450+ data points.

About Murphy Moving & Storage

Murphy Moving & Storage has been moving Connecticut families and businesses for over 100 years. This family-owned and operated company has been providing quality customer service since 1914, with the same values that made it successful: integrity, dependability, and responsibility. Its employees will move your household with care until it’s unpacked, treating each item as if it’s theirs. An agent for Mayflower, Murphy Moving & Storage can move you anywhere, whether it’s down the street or to a new country overseas. Its team of experienced professionals is available 24/7 every day of the year to assist you with your relocation, no matter how big or small it may be. Murphy Moving & Storage also offers full and partial packing services and climate-controlled storage. It has locations in Brewster, NY, and Newtown and South Windsor, CT.

Why Hire Murphy Moving & Storage

You should hire Murphy Moving & Storage for a long distance move if you want a stress-free and seamless moving experience. Clients have raved about their courteous, professional, and efficient teams of movers. They offer virtual walk-throughs to provide an accurate cost estimate, while other scammers provide a random quote without even seeing the customer's stuff. This moving company is accommodating, flexible, and very knowledgeable, with responsive communication over the phone, email, and in-person. They take great care with clients' possessions, wrapping everything properly so nothing gets broken or damaged. Most importantly, the team at Murphy Moving & Storage is considerate, thoughtful, and friendly, making the entire moving process so much easier and comfortable for customers.


Fabulous! based on 200+ data points.
(833) 668-3978

About RT Relocation, LLC

As a full-service moving and storage company in Cheshire, Connecticut, RT Relocation, LLC promises to get your local or long-distance move done the right way by providing safe and reliable packing, moving, and storage solutions. For over 40 years, RT Relocation, LLC has been serving families and businesses all over New Haven County with a full range of services that’ll make your move an experience worth remembering. No matter if you’re going just a few minutes away or even across the country, RT Relocation, LLC can take care of all your needs to give you peace of mind and a stress-free relocation every step of the way.

Why Hire RT Relocation, LLC

You should hire RT Relocation, LLC for a long distance move if you appreciate a company with many positive reviews highlighting their fantastic effort, professional and pleasant team, and timely delivery of goods. Customers have praised the company's ability to accommodate schedule changes and provide a seamless moving experience. While there have been a few negative reviews, these instances could be considered rare occurrences, and many customers have reported great satisfaction with RT Relocation's services. Keep in mind that there might be occasional communication lapses and some customers have experienced damages or delays. However, overall, RT Relocation, LLC has demonstrated a strong commitment to delivering a stress-free moving experience.


Authorized for Interstate Moves
Last Checked: 9/27/22

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Information

Legal Business Name Rt Relocation LLC
USDOT 3285714 Verify
MC MC-1039635 Verify
Registered Trucks/Vans 21
Registered Drivers 12
Total Annual Miles Moved 12,225 (2019)
Fabulous! based on 200+ data points.

About Collegian Movers Inc

Since 1989, Collegian Movers Inc has been the moving company of choice for residents of Milford, Connecticut. It understands that every customer is unique and provides a wide range of services tailor-fit to your needs. Collegian Movers Inc offers local, long-distance, and even international moving solutions. It also offers full-service packing, unpacking, and disposal services to help you secure all your belongings and get organized before the move. You can even order supplies and boxes from Collegian Movers Inc., And if you need more flexibility for your corporate or residential move, it has containerized storage solutions. Collegian Movers Inc works around your schedule, making this time of transition much more convenient.

Why Hire Collegian Movers Inc

You should hire Collegian Movers Inc for a long distance move if you want a courteous, efficient, and professional team that arrives on time, handles your belongings with care, and leaves everything in perfect condition. Customers have raved about the team's white-glove service, which includes handling fragile boxes and much-valued grand pianos without a scratch. Reviews mention the great prices, helpful communication, promptness, and quick move times, making for a stress-free moving experience. Even in a rare negative review, Collegian Movers responded professionally and offered to fix any damage caused. With a customer service-oriented mindset and attention to detail, Collegian Movers Inc is an excellent choice for your next move.


Authorized for Interstate Moves
Last Checked: 9/27/22

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Information

Legal Business Name Collegian Movers Inc
USDOT 482141 Verify
MC MC-252992 Verify
Registered Trucks/Vans 7
Registered Drivers 13
Total Annual Miles Moved 113,812 (2021)


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  3. RT Relocation, LLC is the #3 long distance moving company in Bridgeport, CT with a fabulous rating based on 200+ data points.
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