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Legacy Moving Denver

Ranked Top 10 Best Movers in Denver, CO

Legacy Moving Denver

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About Legacy Moving Denver

Legacy Moving Denver is a moving company based in the bustling city of Denver, CO. Though information about its years in business is not available, the company can be reached at (970) 616-4481 for inquiries. Their website is currently under maintenance, so specific details about their service area, whether they are a family-owned business or part of a nationwide company, and the services they provide are temporarily unavailable. We recommend checking back in a few days for updated information on their website.

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Top 10 Movers in Denver, CO 2023 Award
Top 10 Movers in Arvada, CO 2022 Award


1510 Glen Ayr Dr Suite 2, Denver, CO, 80215
(719) 207-1101
Legacy Moving Denver has a superb rating compared to all movers nationwide. Compared to all moving companies in Denver, CO, Legacy Moving Denver is a top 10 ranked moving company. To see the best movers in Denver, CO, click HERE.
  • In 2023, Legacy Moving Denver was voted as a top 10 moving company in Denver, CO.
  • In 2022, Legacy Moving Denver was voted as a top 10 moving company in Arvada, CO.
Legacy Moving Denver offers local, long distance, cross country, small, piano, appliance, last minute, furniture, hourly and packing moving services.
To get an immediate quote, Click HERE or text “MOVE” to (800) 787-5428.

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