Best Commercial Moving Companies in Norwalk, CA

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Moving in, out of, or within Los Angeles County is a piece of cake when you hire Rainbow Movers. As a professional moving company in Los Angeles, it believes that being a local company gives it an edge because it knows the local community well and can work around any potential obstacles that are unique to the area such as parking hours, truck routes, and traffic patterns. Whether you need help in moving a home or an office, Rainbow Movers will get you and all your items to where they need. This LA area moving company services moves as far as Northern California, Nevada, and Arizona. Moreover, it has all the services you’ll need to enjoy a smooth and seamless moving experience.


Fabulous! based on 800+ data points.

Real RocknRoll Movers has been voted the BEST moving company in Los Angeles by both LA Weekly and CBS. This Glendale mover has been moving residents of LA and the Golden State since 2010 and sports an impressive 5-star rating. Real RocknRoll California Movers claims it has a winning formula to guarantee a stress-free, safe, and fun relocation experience. These California movers can pack and transfer small or large homes and offices, and they will not charge you truck fees, stair fees, or long carry fees – ever. If you need help with a local or long-distance relocation, Real RocknRoll movers can plan the details and take over the heavy lifting for a smooth move.


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Florez Elite Moving, Inc. believes that moving is more than just a moment in life; it’s a memory and an adventure. Its mission is to relieve you of all the stress, frustrations, and burdens that go along with relocating. Moving is never easy, but Florez Elite Moving, Inc. makes it look easy with full services that cover everything you’ll need so you end the day on a high note with all your belongings safely transported to your new home for a new start. Florez Elite Moving, Inc. takes all precautions to keep your property and belongings safe because it understands the importance of making sure there are no dings or scratches on your gorgeous hardwood floors and precious possessions.


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Fabulous! based on 400+ data points.

Best Moving Service has proudly served Southern California for over 25 years! It is a leader in residential and commercial relocations and promises a competitive price. Best Moving Service also offers office relocation services and will pack everything securely and deliver your belongings in a timely manner. These Anaheim relocation specialists can handle anything from fine china to widescreen plasma TVs. Other moving services include full packing services and supplies, LCD and plasma specialists, same-day service, and senior discounts. These Anaheim movers also make regular trips to Nevada and Arizona if you need out-of-state moving services. You can also ask about Best Moving Service’s free storage options!


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  1. Rainbow Movers is the #1 office moving company in Norwalk, CA with a fabulous rating based on 800+ data points.
  2. REAL RocknRoll Movers is the #2 office moving company in Norwalk, CA with a fabulous rating based on 800+ data points.
  3. Florez Elite Moving, Inc. is the #3 office moving company in Norwalk, CA with a fabulous rating based on 300+ data points.
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Best Commercial Movers in Norwalk, CA