Best Affordable Moving Companies in Fort Smith, AR


Located in Fort Smith, Koller Moving and Storage is a family-owned and operated moving company spanning three generations. It offers full-service moving and storage solutions and has been an approved service provider for the US military since early 1990. Its dedication to customer satisfaction extends to its many services, including local, long-distance, interstate, and even international relocations. Koller Moving and Storage can also provide all the supplies you’ll need, from boxes to dish packs and mattress cartons. It also brings all the right equipment to protect your belongings and property, including padding, shrink wrap, and floor mats. And if you need temporary or permanent storage, Koller Moving and Storage has solutions to meet your budget.




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  1. Koller Moving and Storage is the #1 cheap moving company in Fort Smith, AR with a good rating.
  2. Hart To Hart Moving Co is the #2 cheap moving company in Fort Smith, AR with rating.
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