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U-Pack is the nation’s leading provider of DIY moving and shipping solutions that offer an affordable, professional alternative to renting a truck or hiring movers. It brings the equipment to you and lets you pack and load the truck on your own or hire help if you want. Company employees then drive the truck to your destination, where you can unload and unpack your belongings. U-Pack has specially designed weatherproof metal containers that come with everything you need for your move – highly convenient for families, students, seniors, and military veterans looking for a way to save on cross-country moving costs. Based in Fort Smith, U-Pack is available in Arkansas and all the other 49 states, Canada and Puerto Rico.


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Get It Done Moving Service does exactly what it says. It will get your move done with ease and efficiency. Whether your move has been planned or you need to get out at the last minute, Get It Done Moving Service can accommodate you and help make your relocation as smooth as possible. It believes in providing professional, caring, and honorable services to ensure customer satisfaction. Get It Done Moving Service offers local and long-distance moving services with the option of only hiring labor services or taking advantage of the full-service package. You can trust its professional movers to get it done right the first time, from packing to loading and everything in between.


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North Salem Self Storage is one of the best self-storage facilities in Fayetteville. It provides storage units in various sizes, so you can find one that fits your specific needs and budget. It also has parking spaces available for vans, RVs, boats, and other vehicles. North Salem Self Storage is easily accessible anywhere in the Fayetteville area and offers competitive traditional and climate-controlled storage pricing. And as an agent for U-Haul, you’ll be able to get access to vans, trailers, and other supplies to get your things moved to and from storage at a low cost. North Salem Self Storage makes self-storage and relocations as straightforward as they should be.



Razorback Moving LLC has built a reputation for quality service because it’s a locally operated moving company and part of the community. Razorback Moving LLC understands the traffic patterns, the locale, and the regulations of Fayetteville. This gives it a distinct advantage to give you a very accurate quote for your move. It also offers long-distance and interstate moving services that are always on time and reliable. And as a full-service mover, it provides packing services that include custom crating and handling specialty items such as pianos, fine art, and pool tables. It can even help you with labor-only services such as loading a rental truck or storage unit, or even if you just need to rearrange the furniture in your home. Wherever you need help with heavy-lifting, Razorback Moving LLC has your back.


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  1. U-Pack is the #1 cheap moving company in Fayetteville, AR with a fabulous rating based on 500+ data points.
  2. Get It Done Moving Service is the #2 cheap moving company in Fayetteville, AR with a very good rating.
  3. North Salem Self Storage is the #3 cheap moving company in Fayetteville, AR with a very good rating.
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