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Truck Rental at U-Haul

Truck Rental at U-Haul

About Truck Rental at U-Haul

U-Haul, a renowned name in the do-it-yourself moving industry, was founded by L.S. “Sam” Shoen and Anna Mary Carty Shoen in 1945. It began out of a recognized need for one-way moving equipment availability across the U.S. Starting with a modest fleet of trailers, U-Haul has grown to be a giant in the moving and storage sector, marking its 75-year anniversary in 2020. The company boasts the largest selection of rental trucks and trailers in North America and is the biggest retail propane supplier in the U.S. Additionally, U-Haul offers self-storage facilities with options such as climate control and 24-hour access. U-Haul distinguishes itself with a network of 20,000 neighborhood dealers, maintaining a commitment to affordable and accessible moving solutions.

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Moving Services

  • International Moving
  • Military Moving
  • College Moving
  • Last-Minute Moving
  • Packing Services
  • Storage Services
  • Cross-Country Moving
  • Local Moving
  • Long-Distance Moving
  • Commercial Moving
Truck Rental at U-Haul offers cross country, storage, international, furniture, packing and local moving services.
To get an immediate quote, Click HERE or text “MOVE” to (800) 787-5428.

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