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StorAmerica Fountain Hills

StorAmerica Fountain Hills

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About StorAmerica Fountain Hills

Since 1999, StorAmerica Management has been providing top-notch self-storage solutions for residents and business owners. Based in Irvine, California, and operating as a subsidiary of Guardian Storage Centers, the company currently owns and manages over 75 properties across California, Arizona, and Nevada, covering more than 4.9 million square feet of space. StorAmerica offers a range of services, including month-to-month leases, vehicle, boat, and RV storage, and packing supplies. The company is committed to providing excellent customer service, maintaining an ‘A+’ Better Business Bureau accreditation, and ensuring the safety and security of tenants’ belongings at all times.
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Moving Services

  • Monthly Rentals
  • RV/Boat Storage
  • Business Storage
  • Protection Plan
  • Packing Supplies


16701 E Laser Dr, Fountain Hills, AZ, 85268
(480) 837-3616
  • YP
StorAmerica Fountain Hills has a good rating compared to all movers nationwide. To see the best movers in Fountain Hills, AZ, click HERE.
StorAmerica Fountain Hills offers piano, storage, international, packing, local and furniture moving services.
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