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Infantry Movers

Infantry Movers


About Infantry Movers

Infantry Movers is a professional moving company located in Maricopa, Arizona. They provide both residential and commercial relocation services, with options for both local and long-distance moves. The range of services they offer includes load and unload assistance for local moves, full-service residential moves, specific destination long-distance moves, corporate/commercial relocations, and handling of special items. They also facilitate item donations to local veteran families and offer help with storage or estate cleanouts. What sets Infantry Movers apart is the unique background they have – experienced U-Haul trained movers who have worked closely with U-Haul, providing a deeper understanding of their customers’ needs and delivering enhanced professionalism. When looking for movers in Casa Grande, AZ, it’s always a good idea to explore a variety of options to find the best fit for your moving needs.

Moving Services

  • Local Moves Loading Service
  • Local Moves Unloading Service
  • Full Service Residential Moves
  • Long-Distance Moves (For example: Phoenix to El Paso, San Diego or Las Vegas)
  • Local Full Service
  • Corporate and Commercial Relocation
  • Business Package
  • Specialty Items Moving (such as pianos or safes)
  • Donation Pick Ups
  • Storage or Estate Clean outs.


N/A, Casa Grande, AZ, 86122
(480) 406-7839
Infantry Movers has a good rating compared to all movers nationwide. To see the best movers in Casa Grande, AZ, click HERE.
Infantry Movers offers local, piano and storage moving services.
To get an immediate quote, Click HERE or text “MOVE” to (800) 787-5428.

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