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Jimbo & Sons Appliance Delivery and More, LLC

Jimbo & Sons Appliance Delivery and More, LLC


About Jimbo & Sons Appliance Delivery and More, LLC

Jimbo & Sons Appliance Delivery and More, LLC, is a veteran-owned and operated family business based in Trenton, Georgia. With over 20 years of combined experience in moving and logistics, the company specializes in safe handling and transportation of possessions. Their service area includes local moves within 100 miles of Trenton. They offer assistance in loading and unloading rental trucks and portable storage containers, as well as box truck pickup and delivery service for oversized items purchased within 25 miles of Chattanooga. Serving as movers in Fort Payne, AL, Jimbo & Sons focuses on relieving the stress of relocation by handling all aspects of the moving process with ease and confidence.

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N/A, Fort Payne, AL, 35967
(423) 468-0885
Jimbo & Sons Appliance Delivery and More, LLC offers appliance, storage, furniture and local moving services.
To get an immediate quote, Click HERE or text “MOVE” to (800) 787-5428.

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