Wyoming is a paradise for nature and sports lovers. But if you’re a winter sports enthusiast who needs regular hits of big-city nightlife and uber metropolitan shopping sprees, the Cowboy State may not be a good fit for your lifestyle. Take this quick 10 question quiz – it’ll help you decide if you’d be happy living the Wyoming life. Our quiz covers key points that could be crucial to your Wyoming happiness, from living with less diversity than you may be used to – to how you feel about living with four distinctly different seasons.

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1. I love spending time in the great outdoors.

From the grandeur of Yellowstone National Park in western Wyoming to the nation’s first monument, Devil’s Tower in the northeastern part of the state, Wyoming has some of the country’s – if not the world’s – most beautiful and unique scenery. If you love Rocky Mountain highs and vast untamed prairies, rushing rivers, and clear fresh air, Wyoming will take your breath away. In Wyoming, you can truly enjoy the incredible countryside without having to spend hours on the road to access it. Colorado has Aspen and Vail, but it takes hours on crowded highways to get there from Denver. In Wyoming, you’re already right in the middle of it all. 

Ideal for those who love the outdoors, Wyoming boasts millions of acres of parkland. Yellowstone alone encompasses 2.22 million acres full of sagebrush-steppe grasslands, hot springs, sweeping canyons, dramatic mountains, and verdant forests.
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2. I’m happiest when I’m living in four glorious seasons.

Exquisite distinct seasons bring exciting changes to Wyoming every three months. If you’re not a fan of a particular season, you don’t have to wait very long to experience the transitions to the next. Fall is full of colorful foliage that’s set off against the bluest of skies. Invigorating winters guarantee incredible snow sports. Spring brings on the promise of different sorts of outdoor recreation like canoeing, kayaking, and fishing. Wyoming’s amazing summers are just about perfect. No humidity or scorching heat, summer is the ideal time to be outside doing what you love.

3. I like the idea of living in a less densely populated state.

Less density obviously means far more open space. But in the case of Wyoming, that open space is full of gorgeous scenery. The population density in New Jersey is 1,210 people per square mile. California has 254 people per square mile. Wyoming has a mere 6 people per square mile. With only 6 people in every square mile of the Cowboy State, that essentially means you won’t be waiting in lines anywhere – not even at your favorite chairlift. 

The entire Cowboy State has a population of just over half a million people spread out over almost 98,000 square miles. Here, you’ll have plenty of personal space!

4. Clean, fresh, unpolluted air is important to me.

Lack of population density means fewer cars, less public transit, and lower fossil fuel usage. That means less air pollution. In addition, more than half of the state likely won’t see commercial development – 46% of Wyoming consists of federal public lands and another 6% is managed by the state. Fewer people plus less development equals cleaner air.

5. Stargazing sends me!

Wyoming has gorgeous open skyscapes that are particularly fascinating at night – the state is an ideal place to observe constellations, galaxies, and the spaces in between. If you said clean, fresh, unpolluted air is important to you, it’s likely that you already know those qualities are critical for stargazing. Light pollution is another factor that’s important. With miles of open country between small towns, Wyoming has very little light pollution at night. 

With limited light pollution and wide-open skies, Wyoming offers unparalleled stargazing opportunities. Vedauwoo Recreation Area and Devil’s Tower are among some of the best places in the state to view the Milky Way.

6. I prefer living in a state with low taxes, low housing costs, and a strong economy.

For some folks, money is no object. But for most, carefully managing their funds is important for a quality lifestyle. Living in a state with a low cost of living and a strong economy provides you with more freedom to budget your money as you wish. Wyoming’s low taxes, low housing costs, and strong economy allow residents to keep costs low and quality of life high. Wyoming doesn’t levy a state income tax, property taxes are the ninth-lowest in the nation, and sales tax tops out at 6%.

7. I like the idea of living in a small town where everything is convenient and people are friendly.

Wyoming towns generally have small close-in neighborhoods where homes sit on modest lots. Running errands and commuting in these small towns is super easy. If a short commute is important to you, you won’t be able to find a state with a shorter one. Wyoming ranks 50th out of all 50 states for commute times, boasting the shortest commute in the country.

On the outskirts of town, you’ll find larger properties with acreage. And even farther out you’ll find sweeping ranches and farms. The condo life is rare in Wyoming, except in places like Jackson where condos and townhomes can run on up into the millions of dollars. 

Wyoming offers plenty of opportunities to live as close-in or as remotely as you want and Wyomingites are neighborly without being invasive. But wherever you live, when you need a helping hand, Wyomingites are ready to step up and step in. It would be a rare Wyomingite who would pass by a stranded driver without stopping to offer help. 

Wyoming has some 29 million acres of farm and ranch land. If you’re not quite ready to live remotely, you can experience ranch life as a guest at the 100,000-acre A Bar A Ranch in the Medicine Bow Mountains.

8. I prefer to live in an ethnically diverse community.

In general, Wyoming isn’t an ethnically diverse state. According to the U.S. Census, 84% of Wyomingites are White, 10% are Hispanic, 3% are Native American, 1.3% are African American, and 1% are Asian. However, certain cities and towns, like Jackson, Laramie, and Cheyenne, reflect more diversity. Take a look at this chart to get a sense of the range of diversity in Wyoming cities.

9. I like the idea of being able to source my food locally.

If sourcing your food locally is important to you, Wyoming offers some great options – from amazing farmers’ markets to hunting your own game. If hunting interests you, you can stock your freezer with wild-caught meats, game birds, and fish. The most popular game animals are elk, deer, bison, antelope, moose, bighorn sheep, wild turkey, grouse, and pheasant. Wyomingites are strong advocates of maintaining wild herds’ health and welfare. Consult the Wyoming Game & Fish Department to learn about hunting areas, licenses, seasons, and more.

From mid-July through the end of September, you can support local and regional farmers at the Jackson Hole Farmers Market. Vendors peddle everything from vine-picked cucumbers to fresh-cut flowers.

10. Safety is important to me.

Wyoming residents can legally carry a concealed firearm, and of all 50 states, Wyoming has the highest number of registered firearms per capita. But this doesn’t mean there are a lot of gun-related accidents in the state. Wyoming is considered one of the safest states in the nation with a crime rate 45% lower than the U.S. average. According to statistics in worldpopulationreview.com, Wyoming is the fifth safest state in the country


How’d you do? If you were able to say yes to at least 8 out of the 10 statements, it’s very likely you’d be happy living in Wyoming. If you think you’re cut out for the Equality State, it’s time to start planning the details. First of all, read through our #1 Moving to Wyoming Relocation Guide – it’s a fantastic resource where you can get answers to most of your questions about relocating to Wyoming. Without having to search all over the internet, our guide tells you about the weather, economy, cost of living, how to become a Wyoming resident, and so much more.

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